Wedges dan Prism

Wedges dan Prism / 11 September, 2019

Wedges have the form of full right down to the shape of the foot. Website Bandar Togel 313 Terpercaya .Wedges, including high heels that are preferred by women, although many observers who think that women’s sexiness will tend to decrease when using wedges.

Prism also has a full right shape according to the shape of the foot but the back and sides are getting smaller at the point of contact with the floor. Prism or prism in principle is no different from wedges, only the right at the bottom of the heel is getting narrower. Prism is more risky than wedges, but it is more stylish.

Wedges and Prism, although actually not included in the boundary as the right or heel because it is not a stand-alone heel, but rather become one with the whole sole so that it is a platform with a distinctive shape. Some people consider Wedges and Prism are different models, but most people consider Prism also as Wedges. Wedges and Prism are most widely applied for low heels and mid heels.